600 thousand residents.
-14 degrees is the average temperature in February
7 hour flight from Moscow

The capital of the Far-Eastern region, the city from five thousand rubles note, repeat winner of the contest ‘The most comfortable city of Russia’. Don’t miss the Bandy World Championship 2018 in Khabarovsk. You will be given a warm welcome in one of the coldest but very beautiful places in Russia.

Erofei Arena
2013 Built in
10 000 Seats capacity

The biggest indoor arena for Bandy. Home base for the club ‘SKA Neftyanik’ The Bandy World Championship 2015 took place here with 16 teams in it. This year the story will be repeated.

Where to walk

The city embankment
The Lenina Square

Where to spend time to the next game? Get your team! The skating rink on the river side is the best place for walking and active leisure in Khabarovsk. There is something interesting happened all the time. Equipment for rent and indoor food court are available.

Walking along the Muravieva-Amurskogo Street (the main street of the city) you won’t miss the Lenina Square. There are ice sculptures, municipal New Year tree, decorative lighting, comfortable cafes, and shops. There is everything you need not to get bored.

Got frozen on a walk? Visit the local history Museum named after Grodekov and during two hours you will get information on the local history and flora and fauna of the region, native peoples of the Amur River region and you will finally get warm.

The building of the swimming pool was declared as cultural heritage site and it had been under the reconstruction recently. In winter the water temperature is 29 degrees. Take some tea with you and here you go! In the evening when it is snowing swimming is the most exciting!

Where to go

The winter games start in the Far-East

The Khabarovsk region is a land on the edge of the world. But the Republic of Korea is much further. There in 5 days after the Bandy World Championship is the start of the Winter Olympic Games. Don’t lose your chance to visit two big sport events in the world.

Pyeongchang is the capital of
the 23th Winter Olympics
From Khabarovsk to Pyeongchang: 2 hours flight
Bolshekhekhtsirskii national park
The Amut lake

The unique nature reserve close to Khabarovsk, the real museum of Ussuri taiga. It is the habitat of many endangered animals which are in The Red Book and the Himalayan black bear, placed on the regional coat of arms is among them.

It is one of the five the most beautiful places in Russia. It is not easy to drive there in wintertime but if you get there, you won’t regret. There is always a lot of snow and it is the great place for wild snow riding. Also snowboard riding, skies, over snow vehicles and bath-house are available there. It is better to spend there 2 or 3 days.

‘Holdomi’ ski resort is 40 minutes from Komsomolsk-on-Amur and offers 2,5 kilometers hillside, 4 well-designed tracks and modern lifts. There are cafes and guests houses very near. It is very good idea to try Komsomolsk beer, the local people are very proud of it.

Ready for the adventures?

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