04 February 2018

Comments by coaches of national teams Finland and Kazakhstan

Comments by coaches of national teams Finland and Kazakhstan

National teams' mentors spoke up about previous game for bronze on after-match conference

04 February 2018

Antti Parviainen – Head coach of national team Finland

- It was a good match today. Kazakhstan is a very good and strong team but we have played well and won the bronze.

- Will you carry on working with your team?

- At first we need to get back home and then think about it.


Ilyas Khandaev – Head coach of national team Kazakhstan

"I'd like to take a chance and thank each and all clubs managers and coaches who let the guys play in our team. I am not going to name everyone but many thanks to them. As for the game, everything has been told already. If I was empty like a drum — with no emotions, the guys had it even harder, many of them stalled.

- This is your first time in the capacity of Head coach of national team Kazakhstan. Are you pleased with yourself and with the line-up you assembled?

- As for my debut, probably, it proved to be not very successful judging by the results. As for the mind's eye on the line-up, believe me, I am very pleased: we assembled for that short period. For the first time I saw many of them, we were trying to stitch the team together not only using tactical patterns but we did much for the team to become a collective. That's what important. And as for the second part of the question – I need no one more.


- A question to both mentors. To your mind, how was the World championship? From the viewpoint of organization, are you happy with everything, are there some deficiencies?

Antti Parviainen: We are very happy to be here on the championship, everything was perfect. Our volunteers were of very high level, we appreciate for that. Expressing my personal opinion, I say that it would be better if six teams played in group A since the level of the rest differed.

Ilyas Khandaev: I, for one, would like to thank organizers for rather high level and say special thanks to those people who were dealing us in the hotel. Greatly appreciate for that. And our volunteers became the members of our team. Many thanks to them for that.

- Was it often to hear that it would have been better to shift approximately one month the championship time, in other words to hold it March. What is your view about that?

Antti Parviainen: We agree with the fact that it would be better to hold the championship April and shift the time frame slightly: at first conduct the final of national champions, and then hold the World championship.

Ilyas Khandaev: It will be difficult: players will approach the World championship in improper condition after the end of in-country championships. It is necessary to judge from the time when it is convenient for everyone. Finns are going to close their championship February. How are they going to train till April?