04 February 2018

Comments by coaches of national teams Russia and Sweden

Comments by coaches of national teams Russia and Sweden

National teams' mentors spoke up about previous game for bronze on after-match conference

04 February 2018

Svenne Olsson – Head coach of national team Sweden

- It was a match between two strong teams, stunning spirit. National team Russia very actively got into the game, we were trying very much during the second half of the match, there was a chance but we didn't make it.

- Were there moments during the game when you understood that you were losing control over the game?

- Yes, these were first 15 minutes of the match. After the score became 4:3 our defense refreshed, strength and thought about the win appeared, until Almaz Mirgazov made the score 5:4 for Russia.


Mikhail Yuriev – Head coach of national team Russia

- It was a pleasure to play, full tribunes, nine goals scored in the final match. This hasn't been for a long time. I think spectators liked the match. It was keeping everybody in suspense till the end, when one national team is scoring and another one is scoring. The ending was very nervous but we are very happy that we regained the World championship status. Thanks to the opponent for the wonderful game.

- Last year, fnal game was developing as per similar scenario: at first national team Russia was up as the game progressed, and then surrendered the lead and lost. Did you have similar feeling today?

- I even can't remember what the score in that game was, and it was developing as per different scenario. Today we as well as the opponents had mad speed. The game was going on with mutual attacks or counter-attacks. If you count them — their quantity will be close to a record. It was an open bandy. Were attacking by great efforts with great leads. Maybe this is a specific character of games held in Arena Yerofey where the ice is of good quality and it allows making quick decisions on the rink, pass quickly.

- Are you going to stay on national team Russia Head coach position?

- We'll see, I don't know. It will be some meeting where we will discuss the issue. So far I cannot say, there was no talk.


- A question to both mentors. Are there in your national teams players who are going to finish their careers after that World championship?

Svenne Olsson: Yes, Andreas Westh and Hans Andersson will finish their careers in the national team but will carry on playing for their clubs in Sweden. It was their last game.

Mikhail Yuriev: As for national team Russia I have no information on who of the guys was playing for the last time on the World championship. Our team is slightly younger than Swedish national team and, I think, that many guys will have world championships ahead.