The Hungarian national teamhasgot the right to play in the world bandy championship in group "A" for the first time. It happened after the Canadians refused to participate. At the two previous world championships in group "B" Hungarians needed one more goal for the victory in the Group “B” tournament. The team always plays in combinations, the main work is taken by the leaders: Christian Maroshi, as the goalkeeper, who has repeatedly received the prize as the best goalkeeper of the tournament; Alexei Khomenko, the experienced defender; technical Ludwig Von Polgar and Robert Tielin in the midfield and András Kordis, one of the top ten shooters in the in history of the world bandy championships in the attack. The game of the Hungarian team is worth to watch also because this team is considered to be one of the most fun and extravagant.
Players Role Birthdate Height Weight Club
Tibor BOTLIK Goalkeeper 04.02.1976
2 Linus SCHELLIN Midfielder FTC
3 Antal TOROK Defender
5 Деннис ПАЧАЙ Midfielder 21.05.1999 Мутала
7 Dávid HORVÁTH Forward 01.01.1991 UTE Amatőr
8 Botond Félix FRAJKA Forward 30.08.1994 Budapest Rangers
9 Barnabás Bálint SZŰCS Defender 21.03.1976 Budapest Rangers
10 Péter JANKOVICS Forward 10.04.1991 UTE Amatőr
11 Tamás MEZŐCSÁTI Forward 11.02.1988 UTE Amatőr
12 Dániel László BATA 01.01.1994 BATA Dániel László
14 Ferenc Norbert MUZSIK Forward 04.12.1994 UTE Amatőr
15 Tamás GÁL Defender 02.05.1990 UTE Amatőr
16 Dávid MOLNÁR Forward 29.05.1992 Budapest Rangers
17 Norbert FEKECS Forward 05.06.1985 MAC
18 András KORDISZ Forward 18.08.1982 MAC
19 KHOMENKO Oleksiy Defender
66 Ludvig Jozsef POLGAR Midfielder 17.06.1993 POLGAR Ludvig Jozsef
90 Kristian MAROSI Goalkeeper 10.06.1990