Along with the USSR, Sweden and Finland, Norway is one of the International Bandy Federation founders. The coach of the team is Igor Prakht, who was playing for Khabarovsk SKA in his day. On the world championship 2017 the Norwegians defeated Kazakhstan and came back to the quartet of the strongest. Their bandy is different from others with high speed and dynamic as the spectators like. There are many big and strong players who are not intended to stop.
Players Role Birthdate Height Weight Club
2 Anders Greger SVENN Defender 14.01.1990 Kungalv
3 Sverre Jacob BRECHEISEN Defender 24.09.1988 Stabæk
4 Peder REMMAN Defender 15.04.1992 Alle Surte
5 Petter Renstrom MOEN Midfielder 14.01.1982 Solberg
6 Petter LOYNING Midfielder 02.09.1989 Stabæk
8 Magnus HØGEVOLD Midfielder 03.11.1986 180 83 Stabæk
9 Nikolai Rustad JENSEN Midfielder 15.04.1990 192 87 Villa
10 Christian RANDSBORG Midfielder 04.04.1985 Stabæk
11 Sondre Bratvold KRISTOFFERSEN Forward 27.07.1993 Solberg
12 Alexander NYGAARD Goalkeeper 28.07.1986 Stabæk
15 Carl Isac JERNER Forward 08.09.1995 Ready
16 Robin Cras Midfielder 21.09.1989 Мьёндален
17 Kristian HAGEN Midfielder 17.05.1996 Nässjö
18 Fritjof HAGBERG Midfielder 19.05.1996 Broberg
19 Felix CALLANDER Forward 15.10.1998 Vänersborg
20 Simen Lycke KJOLLMOEN Goalkeeper 29.07.1996 Hovik
21 Eirik BØ JOHNSEN Midfielder 13.01.1990 Solberg