Award ceremony of the winners and silver winners of the XXXVIII Bandy World Championship
Our admiration and applause to the champions and their rivals for the stunning finale!

Awarding of Bronze winners
Awarding ceremony of the team of Finland, which won the team of Kazakhstan in the game for the 3rd place

Game for the 3rd place-the press scrum of the players
Finnish squad rises to the third stage of the pedestal, bandy players from Kazakhstan are left without awards. Maxim Utebaliev, the forward of Kazakhstan, and Juho Liukkonen, the midfielder of the Finnish team commented on the way the match was held.

Match press conference on the results of the game for "bronze"
Antti Parviainen, the head coach of the Finnish national team and his colleague Ilyas Handaev, a team coach from Kazakhstan, summarizes not only the game, but also the tournament. The victory in this battle remained for Finland as 8 goals scored against 4. And why does he speak about an "empty drum" and what is the formula of the future championship for Finnish coach? You can find answers from our video report.

Players from Russia and Sweden at the end of the final
Tense, heavy, spectacular-what other epithets can be picked up for today's final between Russia and Sweden, the victory in which belongs to the hosts? Listen to the comments of the winners and losers!

Press conference of Russian and Swedish team coaches about the game for 1st place
The final with the participation of the two strongest teams in the world became a real decoration of the tournament as there is the intensity of passions, and the number of goals-5:4 not every game for the 1st place can boast with such an abundance of goals. We look and listen to what Mikhail Iuriev and Svenne Olsson think about the results of the final and the tournament.

Press scrum of Kazakhstan and Sweden team players
This match was the decoration of the day. The thrilling game with a lot of moments and almost equal score, with the minimum advantage was won by bandy players from the country of three crowns. Andreas Westh, the captain of the Swedes and Andrey Rein, the goalkeeper of the national team of Kazakhstan tell about their impressions of the game.

Players from Kazakhstan and Hungary share their impressions of the game
Evgenii Leonov, the midfielder of Kazakhstan and his colleague Botond Frajka, the forward of the Hungarian national team, who have not calmed down after the game, tell what it was seen by the direct participants.

Press conference after the meeting Hungary-Kazakhstan
29-0 in favor of the national team of Kazakhstan. The results of this game is difficult to discuss -especially for the loser. Their answer to the main question: "Why"? is given by Ilyas Handaev, the head coach of the national team of Kazakhstan and Gabor Nagy, the head coach of the Hungarian team.

After match press conference of Swedish and Finnish head coaches.
After the players of the two teams shared their opinion, the coaches took the floor. Who is satisfied with their players, and who is not. The score is 9:1 in favor of Sweden and it speaks for itself, but Antti Parviainen also has something to say!